Line Up and Running order

Running order list

Access will be via Nassau Street (Arts Building) or Westland Row (opposite DART station) only. The entrance you'll need to use will be printed on your ticket. Doors open at 9pm and close at 10.30pm. No admittance will be possible after this time so get in early!

Collecting tickets

Ticket collection takes place on Friday 6th April in Goldsmith Hall from 9am until 2pm. Please bring your reference code (7 digits) and your TCD ID card. Graduates may bring a different form of photo ID.

The queues for collection will be divided up according the number in the reference code. Tickets will not be released to third parties unless with have received written authorisation nominating the specific collector in advance.

Contact us

Ticket enquiries: or +353-1-8961827 and +353-1-8961887

Ents officer: